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“The only stupid question is the question that is never asked.” - Ramon Bautista

Do I need an agent to buy or sell a house?

No.  In Colorado it is not required that you have a broker for your transaction; however, we highly recommend that you do.  Our knowledge and insight, along with our broad networks can give you a major advantage.  We often times have access to valuable information that may not have.  Additionally, its very wise to have a trained set of eyes to oversee the transaction, after all, a small mistake when your dealing with huge assets can cost you dearly.   

Should I buy, or should I rent?

Whether to rent or buy can be a tricky question to answer as there's a lot of variables involved that sway the decision.  most importantly, is how long you intend to stay in the home.  if you know you'll be moving in a short time, it might be better to rent.  if you're planning on a long term stay, buying is likely your better option.  There's plenty of other factors too, like the overall housing market.  Nobody wants to overspend on a property, and this is where an ASIO agent can help you out the most.  We can't predict the market, but there are key indicators that we can use within micro markets to help you with your decision

How long does the process take?

The buying process typically takes around 25-45 days once you're under contract, unless the contract documents that you negotiate allow for more or less time to get through the transaction.  At times, external factors can play a big role, perhaps the local appraisers are too busy and have a backlog of work before they can get your translation.  The Selling process typically takes a bit longer, 30-75 days.  Again, lots of factors play into the time frame to expect.  Namely, did you price the home correctly?  if you're home is overpriced it can delay finding a buyer.   

I have a home right now, do i need to sell my house before i can buy a different one?

This really depends on your financial situation.  if you plan on a cash purchase, you certainly can buy a home without selling your current home.  If you intend on financing your home purchase you'll need to discuss the transaction with your mortgage lender.  When you have to sell your current home before buying your next home, your ASIO agent will recommend that you make you purchase contract contingent upon selling your current home.  this contingency can come with drawbacks, often times sellers will choose a buyer who's contract terms do not have the home-sale contingency.  Your ASIO agent can help guide you through this process.

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