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Buying Real Estate

Buying Real Estate can be a scary process, but it doesn't have to be.  At ASIO, we have a process to help make sure you're buying the right property, for you.  

It all starts with a meeting,  whether over the phone or in person, we need to ask questions, A LOT of questions.  this will help us narrow down exactly what you're looking for.  We'll typically start with the basics:  is this a primary residence, vacation home, or perhaps an income property?   Next, we'll narrow down the big categories:  Location, property type (single vs multi family), size, bedrooms, bathrooms.  Once these are narrowed down, we get into the particulars: features, specialty rooms, yard size.  Then the fun part: give us a wish list;  things you want to see in your next purchase.  perhaps its a man-cave, perhaps it's a woman cave.  

Once we have this information we'll go to work, hunt down listings, pound the pavement, make phone calls to our networks all to find you the right place.  Then we'll schedule showings and get you to see what's available.  When you find the property that's right for you, we'll work tirelessly thorugh the contract process to make sure the transaction goes as smoothly as possilbe.  Your happiness is our #1 goal.


Come see the ASIO difference today! 

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